Erin E. Byington, partner and attorney: Erin established Mount Logan Legal in 2016 to provide personalized, efficient, and quality legal services to clients. After working as a paralegal, intern, law clerk, and associate attorney in larger firms, Erin has gained significant practical knowledge and trial advocacy skills in several practice areas including family law, criminal defense, commercial litigation, business and employment law, workers compensation, and corporate immigration. Prior to commencing her legal education and career, Erin enlisted and served in the U.S. Marine Corps, where she gained exceptional life experience. Grateful for these experiences, Erin relates to clients and perseveres when faced with adversity. 

Samuel A. Goble, partner and attorney: Sam established Avault Law in Salt Lake City after working as a public defender and insurance defense attorney. As Sam is a Cache Valley native, he desired to return to Logan, and Avault Law and Mount Logan Legal merged to form Byington & Goble, PLLC. Sam has extensive experience in criminal defense, business and employment law, commercial litigation, personal injury, and contracts.


Business Organization & Commercial Litigation

We handle a wide range of business needs - starting with setup and organization, management and liability issues, reorganization, mergers, and on through dissolutions. We also handle disputes on behalf of corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, and other organizations from complex commercial litigation to simpler disputes that arise in the course of business. 

It is almost inevitable that a business organization’s operations and profitability will at some time be threatened by commercial or business litigation. We work closely with clients to minimize the frequency and scope of such disputes. However, when issues do arise, we assist businesses in resolving those matters as efficiently and favorably as possible. 


It makes sense to work with a legal services provider with government know-how who can provide effective immigration advice -- saving you time and expense, and streamlining processes.

Mount Logan Legal handles all types of corporate and business immigration including applications by companies/ businesses wishing to employ foreign nationals, intra-company transfers, applications by highly skilled persons, and related family applications.

Mount Logan Legal also handles fiance visas, permanent residence applications, change of status applications, and foreign adoptions.

Family & Domestic Law

Family and domestic law issues greatly impact the lives of those involved, and there are no issues more sensitive than those of families. Strong, fair, and compassionate advocacy is required when dealing with family and children.

Mount Logan Legal can assist with all aspects of family and domestic law, including divorce, paternity, adoptions, child custody and support, parent time schedules, domestic violence, division of assets and debts, division of property, surrogacy agreements, and division of military and federal benefits.

Criminal Defense & Juvenile Delinquency

Because law enforcement agencies and prosecutors have extensive resources at their disposal, the rights of those accused of a crime must be protected. Protection of rights and fair treatment for criminal defendants often depends as much upon the skill of their defense attorney as it does the substantive protections contained in the law. 

Juveniles are generally treated differently in the criminal justice system, and delinquency proceedings are subject to a different set of rules and procedures. The purpose of the juvenile system is not to punish the child, but to get the child the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation so as to deter criminal behavior by the juvenile in the future. Because of the uniqueness of juvenile delinquency matters, it is important to hire an attorney experienced in handling juvenile matters.  

Worker's Compensation & Employment Law

Workers’ compensation is the sole remedy, absent a few very limited exceptions, for an employee injured on the job. Employees may be entitled to recover income lost from work days missed while healing, resulting permanent disability payments, and medical expenses. In Utah, workers compensation coverage is provided by private insurers that generally try to limit the expense of claims. For that reason, the assistance of an experienced attorney can be crucial to obtaining the benefits deserved. 

Aside from workers' compensation, other areas of employment law in which Mount Logan Legal can assist include discrimination and reasonable accommodation claims, whistle blower claims, wrongful terminations, wage claims, and administrative claims related to the discipline of government employees.